Hi Sean,
Just received the Purolator parcel with my purse enclosed. What a nice
surprise! Thank you so much for returning it to me. I thought that I had left
it at the wedding that we attended and just thought it was lost for
good. Knowing that I had no money or valuables in it, I wasn't too upset that
it didn't show up. But, I did miss my "little treasures" so it was so nice of
you to send it.
Fred and I were very impressed with the 2 Paramedics who looked after us on
the ambulance ride to the Almonte Hospital. They were very thorough checking
him out and we were very appreciative with how they handled the whole
situation. We did not get their names but just wanted to say that they were
top notch in their job.

Thank you again,

Bev and Fred N.