CREMS is live in LCPS

Lanark County Paramedic staff can now make an automatic referral to the Community Care Access Centre through Community Referral EMS.  When paramedics determine additional needs are required for the patients that are seen in Lanark County when 911 is activated and there is a paramedic response and transport to the Emergency Department is not permitted, then a referral is completed.   CREMS PDF

CREMS coming to Lanark County

Community Referral by EMS (CREMS) is an initiative to reduced the number of  patient visits to the ER.  This is a program for paramedics to refer patients to other services that they feel the patient may require.  Reducing the risk of patient refusals, improving  service and enhancing the profile of paramedics in the community are some of the objectives of CREMS.  The following PDF Explains CREMS in more detail  CREMS PDF